Alisa is a consummate professional, boasting a rich academic background with degrees from Baylor University and Texas Woman’s University. However, it’s her unwavering commitment to enriching lives that truly sets her apart. She views her career not just as a job, but as a calling—a privileged opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

For many years, Alisa dedicated her talents to empowering women at the world’s largest direct selling company geared towards women. During her tenure, she spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, such as developing the company’s inaugural career development program for its elite multimillion-dollar earning sales force. Her accomplishments extend to coordinating a global professional development conference spanning nine countries and six languages, and pioneering the creation of a monthly educational web series utilizing cutting-edge IPTV technology. This venture not only showcased the achievements of the elite sales force but also laid the foundation for innovative web-based learning methodologies.

Recently, Alisa has undertaken the pivotal role of crafting and executing the educational strategy for emerging leaders. To nurture, inspire, and equip this remarkable audience, she has orchestrated three annual empowerment conferences, established monthly learning opportunities accessible via text, orchestrated numerous interactive live stream sessions, developed an onboarding webpage, and curated online lessons for the company’s virtual university.

Beyond the corporate realm, Alisa’s passion for education has led her to diverse teaching roles in civic and religious organizations, as well as in academic institutions like Texas Woman’s University. Her dedication to education is exemplified by her co-authorship of the textbook “Women in Sociology” and, more recently, her collaboration with her mother, Evangelist Rubie Sample, on a Bible study devotional titled “The Unchanging Shepherd.” Additionally, she co-authored “The Difference,” a transformative book designed to guide readers through life’s transitions and help them fulfill their destiny.

Alisa’s professional journey is deeply rooted in coaching, facilitation, training, and education, fostering impactful experiences both locally and internationally. She has served as a lead instructor and Director for a Canadian-based global leader in train-the-trainer programs, showcasing her expertise on a worldwide stage.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Alisa is a devoted wife and mother, finding solace and joy in her passion for writing and singing. Her vocal talents have graced several gospel CDs, notably including the Grammy award-winning “Potter’s House Choir’s “Live in Kenya” and the inspirational soundtrack “Amazing Grace.” Her live background vocals have complemented the performances of esteemed artists such as Donald Lawrence, Kirk Franklin, and Tasha Cobb, among others. Recently, Alisa proudly debuted her first single, “#Greater,” marking a significant milestone in her musical journey.
Driven by her desire to uplift and empower others, Alisa hosted her annual faith-based #Greater Empowerment Conference last year, and is looking forward to an even more impactful experience for attendees in the upcoming annual event.
Fueled by her love for connecting with people, Alisa actively engages with her audience through various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through these channels, she shares insights, inspiration, and encourages others to embrace their journey towards #greater.